Are you busy or Acting busy?

On Relationship.

Listen, when you’re actively busy, it’s measured in productivity and accountability of time and resources. If you’re forming busyness it’s measured in time spent acting busy divided by Productivity and available resources. Which might eventually give us a deficit of time, effort, resources, and Productivity.

Many relationships have failed because partners failed in understanding the nature of work ( things you have to do) and endless busyness. Relationship building requires the commitment of both parties to its growth. You’ll always have a long list of endless activities without being actively busy.

Evaluate the things you do.

Hello! There’ll always be something to do, either actively or not. Starving your relationship by forming busyness will never do you any good but brings you harm.

Make a room for effective communication.

Value people.

Cherish relationship.

Stop hiding under the umbrella of busyness.

She needs you, he needs you.

On Work.

My little experience as an employee and trainer reveals that organizational growth is dependent on every person who works with such an organization.

Each person’s Productiveness will be cross multiplied, evaluations will be on organization focus, resources, efforts, and time spent.

Failure to give your own quota to enhance organization growth might result in you having an indefinite break.

Take a pause, ask yourself;

I’m actively busy at my workplace or am I forming busy?

The earlier we ask ourselves these questions and choose to become accountable for the things we do the better.

Remember no organization will pay you for forming busy, intentional Productivity gets you the pay.

Conduct personal evaluation now!

Amend ASAP if need be or else, tomorrow doesn’t guarantee you of a job to return to.

On Family

Familles require so much from us, we could count on the family when things get out of hand out there, the family can give us strength when life challenges break us, but here is the question, with the way you’ve been treating family.

Do you have a family to return to when life turns its back at you?

I understand we’re trying to give the family the comfort they deserve while doing this, don’t forget that your unavailability to share quality time with them cause them some emotional damages. Especially your kids.

Evaluate all you do, don’t just be busy, instead be actively busy and while actively busy create time for the family.

Dear readers, thanks for taking the time and effort in going through this piece of mine.

I hope you’ve been challenged to evaluate your life and activities today?

I hope you’ll act on knowing.

I hope to hear from you when you become better through these poor words of mine.

If you’re inspired by this Insight, please don’t hesitate to drop me your comment.





A creative Architect, Author, Certified Project Manager, Coach, Motivator, Brand, and Social Media Strategist. An intentional and self-motivated Leader.

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Samuel Wheto

Samuel Wheto

A creative Architect, Author, Certified Project Manager, Coach, Motivator, Brand, and Social Media Strategist. An intentional and self-motivated Leader.

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