Six years ago, there was a young lady within a local town. She was such a beauty and, beyond that, she was a great, excellent, and impactful writer.

Her writings were of great quality to the extent that the old ones called her ‘The little jar of wisdom’.


The world is a global village. As such, the rate at which we influence things increases either positively or otherwise.

To this effect, the need to reshape the world through positive influence is undeniable.
This is our reality!

What type of influence do you represent? …

Dear Self, you’ve been going through a lot, but you won’t stop pressing.

If there’s a key to personal development I had known, it’s in the power to deliberately, consciously, and passionately lookout for the better version of ourselves.

Life is said never to be a bed of roses, truth…

Are you busy or Acting busy?

On Relationship.

Listen, when you’re actively busy, it’s measured in productivity and accountability of time and resources. If you’re forming busyness it’s measured in time spent acting busy divided by Productivity and available resources. …

Samuel Wheto

A creative Architect, Author, Certified Project Manager, Coach, Motivator, Brand, and Social Media Strategist. An intentional and self-motivated Leader.

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